Industry expertise

Designing a supply chain consisting of the flow of goods and information , logisticians must carefully take care of the elements contained in the scheme of the risks identified as GEMIO and prepare procedures to prevent a possibility or minimize the potential impact of specific risk factors. SSIL care of the already functioning supply chains working on their optimization and plan new supply chains.

SSIL is providing and advising different transport modes solutions including integrated Intermodal / Multimodal solutions world wide.

Warehouse & Distribution are the important part of integrated supply chain. Our solutions optimise inventory levels and can reduce logistics costs at all also by reacting to sudden market changes. Our experienced staff creating solution for crossdocking, transloading, consolidation, re-packing and warehouse value added operations.

Based on SSIL’s certified staff we provide container and ship surveys: in-service, on/off-hire, new production on-line and yard inspections, joined survey, after repair inspection, equipment claim surveys, damaged equipment inspection.