In order to sort out the various risks affecting the level of security in logistics, we suggest using proprietary taxonomy of threats area , Gemio , derived from the names of the main areas of generating risk in relation to logistics processes :• geopolitics – military conflicts, terrorism, piracy, etc;• environment – environment and natural forces;• market – cooperation and quality of services, the prices for services, competition in the industry;• infrastructure – infrastructure and technical equipment, human resources;• organization – processes preparation and organization as well as maintaining operational procedures and specialist;

Each supply chain , regardless of its specifics, consists risk factors related to these areas, but they have different importancy and intensity. At the same time all Gemio areas affect on each other , enhancing or reducing the possibility of specific risk factors.

GEMIO – Interactions

Security is now an important determinant of the quality of logistics services . This means that designing a supply chain consisting of the flow of goods and information , logisticians must carefully contemplate the elements contained in Gemio and prepare procedures to minimize the possible effects of specific risk factors. In the coming years, we should expect to see continuous improvement of these procedures , supported by innovative tools and technologies , which in essence means preventive measures. It should be noted , however, that safety procedures development may result in restrictions on the flexibility and creativity of logistics.

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